About us

Our Radial Platform

The Radial platform was designed by and for mortgage brokers in response to the demand for an industry wide agnostic platform that could host customer, loan & commission data from multiple proprietary CRM systems.

The singular reporting functionality enabled mortgage brokers to obtain a quick consolidated view of their business momentum & generate insights for future direction.

After qualifying as a licenced real estate property manager in 1990, Sean started his financial services career in 1993 before starting his own mortgage brokerage, Freshwater Financial Services [FFS] in December 2003.

Leading up to this point Sean was voted onto the MFAA Board in 1999 & 2000 where he started to witness the evolvement of a “cottage industry” into a career driven business opportunity for many small business owners.

Following the less than successful acquisiton of a retiring broker, Sean used his real estate property management experience to establish Trail Portfolio Services [TPS], a management company with the sole purpose to manage trail books on behalf of retiring brokers. This was later extended to brokers taking a career break of a “gap” year away with family.

Scaleability was essential to maximise the opportunity so the Radial platform was designed and developed in 2017 to assist both FFS & TPS manage trail books from multiple proprietary aggregator CRM systems.

Key Features :

Our seven (7) lines of defence
Data security & services.

Real time data analytics
Aggregated & granular data sets with additional filters for custom reporting.

Web based AccessibilityConfigured user permission enabling hierarchy.

API integrationEnables the open architeture technology.

The Technology we Work With